The Story of Movigo

Hi all
This is the first time I’ve written anything about Movigo and its history.
In 2008, I had an idea about a new way of staying in touch with friends. On so many occasions I’ve needed to know when my friends were joining me, or contact them if they were nearby in the vicinity. So I started thinking about a platform, possibly in the form of an app for Mobile devices, that would give me the actual position of my friends. Not only did I want to know where my friends were in that precise moment, but also if they were moving or not, if they were in the same place as other friends. So, I started thinking of the name I could give the solution, something short and easy to remember, that would combine the concept of Moving, with the idea that “I go”…….and Movigo was conceived! Unfortunately, the domain was still occupied, but no longer operational. The name was perfect for my idea! I really wanted it! So, I contacted the owner and bought it, thus making my first investment in Movigo. I spent a lot of time studying social networks, trying to understand what people want or desire. Is it possible to create a new need? Could knowing the current position of any of your friends become a real need? I think so. Now, in 2012, I funded a Mockup of Movigo. I’m not a programmer. I worked together with Emanuele, a young programmer, but hungry, clever and fast.
Movigo works! I use it every day to find out where my wife is :)
She doesn’t need to call me anymore to see whether I’m on my way home! She uses Movigo!
The same thing with my friends: when we have an appointment, we don’t need to call each other if someone is running late! We simply use Movigo!
When using Movigo, many other ideas come out of the hat. Inside, Movigators, History are the primary features.
What about sharing your position? Many apps give you the option of publishing your position. Movigo is a little bit different. Try it.
At the moment, the Beta Version is reserved for fans of the Movigo Inc. Facebook page.
Go on your Mobile Browser and type Download Movigo for free now form your Android Smartphone. Enjoy it and tell us what do you think about it.
Andrea Pili
CEO & Founder
Movigo, Inc.